Things to Remember

Things to Remember

Here are some reminders our families have found helpful.

  • File insurance claims for each policy held. Contact each company for a claim form. (Ask if you will need a certified death certificate or if a photo copy will suffice.)
  • File appropriate health insurance claims and notify them of the death that has occurred.
  • Notify your home, business & auto insurance companies.
  • Contact Social Security about your benefits for appropriate forms and procedures. (Your funeral home has already notified them of the death.)
  • Contact the Veteran’s Administration, if applicable. Ask them about benefits, appropriate forms and procedures.
  • Talk with your attorney about probating the will and making other necessary filings.
  • Make arrangements to update your own will or trust, if necessary.
  • Transfer assets into your name or your trust, as appropriate.
  • Revise titles on your car(s) or other titled property.
  • Contact your bank(s) for revising or closing out checking/savings accounts & safe deposit boxes.
  • Correct the tax identification number on financial accounts which are in the name of the deceased.
  • Cancel direct deposit payments that are in the name of the deceased.
  • Change beneficiaries on insurance policies, retirement accounts, savings bonds, etc.
  • Contact creditors for all mortgages, personal notes, credit card companies, etc. in which the name of the deceased is involved.
  • Change ownership of joint or solely owned stocks and bonds.
  • Transfer or close IRA and retirement accounts or other investments managed by brokers.
  • If your income will change significantly, you should make a plan for paying debts and obligations.

NOTE: This is only a suggested checklist. It is not intended to replace appropriate legal or financial counsel.

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